Zakerbi Traveller

Organised and ready to go travelling!

Ask anybody who does a fair bit of travelling if they’ve ever forgotten an essential piece of booking information.  They’ll probably have a story to tell.  The Zakerbi makes an ideal travel partner. Your personal ‘concierge’ looks after all your essential travel info including foreign currency and your passport.

It’s the perfect size to hold in your hand while boarding. Too small to be considered as ‘carry on’ luggage, and will easily fit in your regular carry on luggage. The Zakerbi’s compact design slots into generous sized handbags and shoulder bags and is perfect for tote bags, travel bags, cabin bags and smaller luggage.

Zakerbi benefits from the RFID protected ‘Z’ Wallet. The wallet has numerous card inserts and a dedicated passport section. The Pochette offers versatile compartments with money slips for foreign currency and bank notes. There’s a very useful central hinged clip to conveniently hold printed documents for quick reference. The bespoke ‘Z’ clip is great for keeping tickets and travel/expense receipts to hand. Your phone is safe within the back pouch.

Dedicated space for:

•    Business Cards and ID Cards
•    Mobile Phone
•    Bank Notes or Foreign Currency
•    Secure ‘Z Clip’ retains travel tickets
•    Central hinged clip for digital boarding passes, rail e-tickets etc
•    Organise important travel information and travel documents
•    Loose Change. You never know when you may need some coins!

‘Z’ Wallet with RFID ‘protected’ space for:

•    Passport
•    Credit and Debit Cards
•    Sterling or Foreign Currency

Zakerbi Traveller | The perfect accessory for the serious traveller
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How will you use your Zakerbi ?


Organised and ready for business.

If you’re in business, time is of a valuable commodity! The Zakerbi has been designed to make your busy life a little easier. The Zakerbi Pochette is your ‘personal assistant’, keeping the essentials such as passes, tickets, to do lists and a little cash at hand. The RFID protected Z wallet keeps your credit/debit cards and passport information safe from the threat of data theft.

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Organised and ready to go any where in the world.

Who doesn’t love to travel? Zakerbi is the perfect travel partner. Think of it as your personal ‘concierge’ looking after the essentials, where ever your wanderlust takes you! The Zakerbis unique design takes care of boarding passes, foreign currency, travel passes and itineraries, hotel booking information. The RFID protected Z Wallet protects your identity by securing credit/debit card and passport information.

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Zakerbi. Whoever you are!

Zakerbi is for everyone who appreciates well designed products, manufactured to the highest quality, that make your life a little easier to manage.  Imagine the items that evade you in large bags, or that you would normally have to carry individually. Then imagine those items organised collectively in a compact unit, ready to pick up and go! Now imagine it’s covered in premium Italian leather, with detail stitching and branding and available in a range of contemporary colours. You’re almost there!

Make Zakerbi part of your life ….