Zakerbi Story

Hello, I am Susan Seatree-Platel.

I am the founder of Zakerbi Ltd. and designer of the Zakerbi Pochette and wallet. I would like to share with you the inspiration behind and the concept of Zakerbi.

Susan Seatree - Founder and designer of the Zakerbi Wallet


The 21st century has brought about many significant changes in our day to day lives, we are rapidly moving towards a cashless age particularly with the advancement in technology with electronic data and contactless payment.

The purse however has stayed relatively unchanged not evolving like most things in the world.

I have always had a keen interest in design working successfully for many years as an interior designer specializing in workability and flair. I pride myself on being generally practical, efficient and organised but my purse however, was none of these !

It was a constant frustration, bulging with masses of paper and clutter, often with out dated vouchers folded into a bundle and the purse popper never fastening. To retrieve the required card for payment from the tightly packed stack of plastic was always a struggle.

Something had to be done!

Over the following weeks I watched with interest. I saw a lady carefully take a plastic bag of receipts out of her handbag spreading the contents onto the counter, to the amazement of the cashier, to search for the relevant one.

An exasperated growing queue, including myself, stood for 5 minutes whilst another lady, embarrassed and flustered emptied the contents of her purse to find the credit note slip to use against her purchase.

I realised how many people struggle to grip the credit and debit cards and yet have to remove most of the cards to identify the required one.

The larger handbags and tote bags are wonderful but somewhere in all the space my phone evades me!

I searched for the ideal product, however it always came back to the traditional purse and although somewhat larger or with the addition of a coordinating clutch, these didn’t provide the answer and the ease of use so evidently required by so many.

It wasn’t just me that needed a Zakerbi.

Zakerbi Evolution

The more I pursued my ideal solution the more Zakerbi evolved, along with the ‘Z’ Wallet.

One of the main factors I needed was assurance against the increasing problems of fraud associated with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) so I sourced Cryptalloy, one of the best RFID shielding foils in the world, to use within the wallet.

With my idea transferred onto paper the challenge now began to actually produce this to a high standard of luxury quality in beautiful leather.

Eighteen months later I have pleasure in sharing Zakerbi with you, developed with great care and made with pride to be special.

I hope you too find the Zakerbi a benefit to your life and enjoy owning and using the Pochette as much as I do.


Susan Seatree - Founder and designer of Zakerbi