Zakerbi Design

The original Zakerbi Pochette combined with the co ordinating data protection ‘Z’ wallet for cards, is designed for the independent woman of today who wishes to be smartly organised whilst making a statement of class and style.

The Zakerbi is designed with much care and consideration to be streamlined and compact yet practical, ready to pickup and go, comfortable to hold, with the soft Italian calf leather outer being both tactile and beautiful.

The ‘Z’ Wallet can also be purchased separately to introduce a different colour combination to the Zakerbi, to use independently or as a stylishly functional and secure gents wallet.

The ‘Z’ wallet protects digital privacy, enveloping the contents within a protective sleeve integrated with CRYPTALLOY. CRYPTALLOY is an RFID shielding foil that blocks RFID signals for all common frequencies, excluding unauthorized access and turning these small leather goods into personal data safes .


Length – 22.5 cms
Width – 13.75 cms
Depth – 3.25 cms without Z wallet
Depth – 4.75 cms with Z wallet

Everything in it’s place

Zakerbi addresses the bulk of paper receipts, gift cards, loyalty cards, valuable vouchers and refund slips.

A place for everything!

Cash, Cards, Passes etc

Designated compartments and slip sections cater for the above as well as ID/ Driving Licence and paper money.

Internal Coin Pocket

A small compact purse for loose change. Even in today’s cashless age there is still the necessity for a few coins.

‘Z’ Clip – Very Useful!

The usual mass of paper receipts and valuable refund slips are now held orderly in place for easy reference and location under the stylish

‘Z’ Clip with an additional central hinged clip for imminent quick reference printed documents.

Magnetic Closure

Again a lot of thought has been put into everyday convenience, the magnetic closure providing an easy lift up facility to the Zakerbi inner yet forming a compact unobtrusive closure .

Innovative in its design with distinctive features of refined quality.

Unique ‘Z’ Braid

Striking and chic in the contemporary black and white signature design of Zakerbi .

Snagging zips, difficult fasteners, buckles and poppers that won’t close have been replaced by the easily located Zakerbi braid. A great deal of consideration has been given to practicality, convenience and accessibility.

Phone Pouch

Even your phone has a designated compartment.

Safe and easily found, housed in the multi sized pouch on the reverse of the Zakerbi.