Security in your data is more and more important these days with electronic fraud becoming more widespread. A lot of wallets claim to be blocking your data from RFID signal. but like anything there are degrees of RFID Blocking. The ‘Z” Wallet uses the highly effective Cryptalloy.

The Cryptalloy foil has been specifically developed and its effectiveness in the area of reflection and attenuation lead to a maximal reduction of the magnetic field. During the research and development of Cryptalloy two parameters where considered as crucial to success.

The simplicity of magnetizability and the extent of magnetizability.

The result is a highly accredited blocking foil which, at minimal wall thickness, guarantees shielding against the transference all current RFID frequency ranges/bands, both in and out .

Used for its shielding protection of some of the most sensitive documents in the world. Cryptalloy transforms your RFID blocking ‘Z’ wallet into a personal mini data safe.