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Cryptalloy Protected Wallet

RFID Technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is used in many areas throughout the world.

The advantages of this technology are also used for passports, credit and debit cards.

The RFID chip, which is invisibly embedded, in conjunction with an RFID reader (payment terminal) allows for a quick identification and verification as well as for payment over a specific distance, without establishing physical contact.

As RFID radio transmission technology is becoming increasing widespread this also brings new risks of identity theft or electronic pickpocketing from credit cards, debit cards, identity cards and passports.

Security has taken on a new meaning in the 21st century and data theft prevention is now an important aspect in everyday life.

CRYPTALLOY is an accredited blocking film barrier which has been specifically developed, resulting in a foil that guarantees shielding against all current RFID frequency ranges/bands and is therefore used for protecting some of the most sensitive documents in the world.

The separate Z wallet envelopes the contents within a protective sleeve integrated with this highly certified blocking foil to safeguard your private details against electronic data theft, fraud and unauthorized contactless payment.


Cryptalloy Protected Wallet

RFID Transponder (RFID Tag)

RFID transponders possess an antenna, an analog circuit (transceiver) and a digital circuit (chip) with a storage region. It stores personal and biometrical data, for example.

RFID transponders as they are used in electronic passports, credit cards, debit cards or access control cards are passive.

RFID Reader

Only an RFID reader/writer supplies the RFID transponder with energy for data transmission. It sends a radio signal which is received by the RFID tag. As a result, the RFID transponder is activated.

Using radio-frequency electromagnetic waves, an RFID reader reads the data and information stored on the RFID chip without establishing physical contact within split seconds.

Depending on the antenna, RFID readers achieve a range of up to several meters.

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