Zakerbi is for the discerning person of today who loves to be organised without compromising on style.

The Original Zakerbi Pochette is the new contemporary alternative to the bulging purse – innovative and chic in design, of superior quality made from fine leather and inspired for the practical necessity and security safeguards of the modern day cashless age.


‘Z’ Wallet – ‘A pretty smart wallet’                                                                                                                                                                                                           Certified RFID blocking foil CRYPTALLOY, used for its shielding protection of the most sensitive documents in the world, lines the wallet to safeguard against unauthorised access to your digital privacy from the increasingly widespread identity theft and electronic pickpocketing.

Your personal details are secure within the bespoke inner of numerous easily accessible and clearly visible card inserts.

How will you use your Zakerbi  ?


Organised and ready for business.

If you’re in business, time is a valuable commodity! The Zakerbi has been designed to make your busy life a little easier. The Zakerbi Pochette is your ‘personal assistant’, keeping the essentials such as phone, passes, tickets, receipts and cash at hand. The RFID protected ‘Z’ wallet keeps your credit/debit cards and passport information safe from the threat of data theft.

More about unique qualities that make Zakerbi a great partner in business…


Organised and ready to go anywhere in the world.

Who doesn’t love to travel? Zakerbi is the perfect travel partner. Think of it as your personal ‘concierge’ looking after the essentials where ever your wanderlust takes you! The Zakerbis’ unique design takes care of boarding passes, foreign currency, travel passes, itineries and hotel booking information. The RFID protected ‘Z’ Wallet gives you peace of mind by safeguarding your credit/debit card and passport electronic data.

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Zakerbi. Whoever you are!

Zakerbi is for everyone who appreciates well designed products, manufactured to the highest quality, that make your life a little easier to manage.  Imagine the items that evade you in large bags or that you would normally have to carry individually. Then imagine those items organised collectively in a compact unit, ready to pick up and go! Now imagine it’s covered in premium Italian leather, with detail stitching and branding and available in a range of contemporary colours. You’re almost there!

Make Zakerbi part of your life ….

Customer Reviews

  • From Sally Hargreaves on ORIGINAL ZAKERBI POCHETTE - Ballad Blue

    My ballad blue Zakerbi pochette and Z wallet were a (beautifully boxed) birthday surprise – and I’ve used them non-stop ever since. Really innovative design keeps everything organised and so easy to access. Excellent for business trips. Beautiful quality and a constant pleasure to use. I love it!

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    2017/08/15 at 4:08 pm
  • From Jean John on ORIGINAL ZAKERBI POCHETTE - Ballad Blue

    My Zakerbi was a lovely Birthday gift.

    Unique design of beautiful Italian leather extremely well made.

    Very clever design to accommodate cards,money,passport and phone and great to know they are safe and secure.

    Holidays coming up soon it will also be amazing for tickets and travel documents.

    Keeping mine safe as my daughter have all ready asked to borrow it.

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    2017/08/14 at 3:23 pm
  • From Katy on ORIGINAL ZAKERBI POCHETTE - Dusky Clover

    I absolutely love my Zakerbi! It is so helpful for business, alongside travel. It is convenient to keep all my personal items in one safe and secure place. The Zakerbi accommodates to my business lifestyle and heavy travel agenda. The leather is beautiful quality and as you can see looks very stylish. I would recommend Zakerbi to anyone in business, or indeed, anyone who would like to have a stylish and helpful wallet for daily living.

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    2017/07/31 at 8:58 am
  • From Helen Wright on ORIGINAL ZAKERBI POCHETTE - Ballad Blue

    What an absolute amazing, practical & secure product!
    Love my Zakerbi, it goes everywhere with me!
    All my cards, which you can see in the cleverly designed individual pockets, money & phone all secure in a lovely soft leather wallet.
    My daughter has already put one on her Christmas list!
    I will give 5 stars only because there isn’t the facility to give more !!

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    2017/07/25 at 4:39 pm
  • From Hilary Mann on ORIGINAL ZAKERBI POCHETTE - Taupe Grey

    I have been using my Zakerbi for a month now and love it. My favourite colour and goes with everything. So handy when popping into the shops and I do not want to carry a big handbag. Great on a recent holiday – everything in one place, safe and secure, easy to put in the beach bag and hands free when out and about. Fab!!

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    2017/07/21 at 7:04 pm
  • From Steve on Zakerbi Z Wallet - Ice Black

    Using the wallet as a gents wallet and the leather quality is superb. The cards are easy to see and get in and out. Add to that the fact that it gives me the piece of mind around anyone stealing my details. All in all a great product and I would recommend!!

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    2016/07/21 at 12:29 pm
  • From Ian Collinge on ORIGINAL ZAKERBI POCHETTE - Taupe Grey

    What a great product!

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    2016/07/15 at 11:33 am